2019 Distinguished Service Award Recipient

Joy Dobson Way

Moving to a semi-rural town after decades of living in close proximity to some of the world’s most renowned medical centers leaves many eager to learn about the quality of health care available locally should they need it. For Joy Dobson Way, who moved to Ashland from the North San Francisco Bay Area in 2007, reassurance came soon after she was invited to join the Ashland Community Hospital Foundation Board in 2015. “It’s a misconception that bigger is necessarily better when it comes to quality hospital care,” says Dobson Way who served as ACH Foundation Board President from 2017-2018. “I think a lot of people aren’t aware of the focus on innovation that exists in our small community hospital,” explained Joy. Joining the board wasn’t a stretch for Dobson Way, a retired registered nurse with over 30 years’ experience in patient care, education, administration, and health care consulting. She knew she wanted to contribute her skills and expertise to the Ashland community and decided the best way to do so was through the hospital foundation.

Her first visit to Asante Ashland was a pleasant surprise. “Engaged and satisfied employees are a great indicator of what’s really going on behind the scenes,” says Joy. “Last year 58% of Asante Ashland employees participated as donors to the Foundation, well above the average which lies somewhere in the 30% range nationally.” Joy Dobson Way was chosen as the Distinguished Service Award Recipient for 2019 and would have been honored at the annual Founder’s Appreciation Dinner, where the Foundation honors its most loyal and generous supporters. Unfortunately, the event was canceled in light of the COVID-19 virus. ACH Foundation Executive Director Janet Troy instead gave Dobson Way the big news by phone and shared with the full board of directors at their March meeting via conference call. “We’re enormously grateful for Joy’s tireless service to the foundation,” reiterated Troy. “Her commitment to the Evans Nursing Scholarship Committee is vital and her dedication as a member of the Development Committee and enthusiastic champion of our hospital tours are really astounding.” Through her efforts to help potential donors see for themselves how amazing our hospital really is, Joy is a stellar example of what’s possible when Foundation board members step into active service with passion and heart. “The consistently positive feedback we get from patients is all the proof we need that our hospital is truly excellent,” says Joy. “Compassionate care and services provided by committed staff in an innovative work environment: what more could we ask for at our local hospital?