AACH Employees Put Their Dollars Where Their Hearts Are

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Employees celebrate all of the Caregiver Fund ideas submitted by their co-workers

Just how invested are Asante Ashland Community Hospital employees in giving patients a great experience? They’re so invested they have donated more than $24,000 to the Caregiver Fund, a novel employee initiative that raises money for much-needed equipment, services, or training at the hospital.

Now that fund is giving back. On Wednesday, the Ashland Community Hospital Foundation announced that $15,000 — which includes matching dollars from a hospital charitable fund — will go toward installing or replacing TVs in several patient rooms.

The award is more significant than people may know. For more than 15 years, patients in the Medical/Surgical Unit have had to watch TV on hard-to-see 10-inch monitors with missing buttons and no remote to change channels. Patients in some Same-Day Surgery rooms have had no TVs at all. For patients recovering from surgery, receiving infusions, or otherwise having to bide their time in a room, the distraction of a television can provide comfort and ease anxiety.

At a celebration in the hospital cafeteria on Wednesday, employees got to see all ideas submitted and review the projects that were chosen. To qualify for funding, employees are required to submit an application stating how their project would improve quality and safety, reduce waste, enhance patient experience, increase their ability to do their job, or broaden their skills to better serve patients and their families.

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Employees celebrate all of the Caregiver Fund ideas submitted by their co-workers

The hospital’s patient experience team reviewed each application and determined which projects to fund in this first round. Applications not chosen may be resubmitted for the next round of funding. Asante Ashland employees interested in seeking funding for a hospital project are encouraged to submit an application. All employees are encouraged to donate to the fund online.

“It was great to see all of the creative ideas that employees proposed to improve the patient experience,” said Janet Troy, executive director of the Ashland Community Hospital Foundation. “This would not be possible without support from our employees and volunteers. Thank you for your donations to the Caregiver Fund, and for your commitment to providing an excellent patient experience.”