About Us

The Ashland Community Hospital Foundation is an independent Oregon non-profit corporation devoted to the excellence of Asante Ashland Community Hospital. The foundation was founded in 1977 as a 501c3 not-for-profit corporation.  In August of 2013, Ashland Community Hospital merged with Asante; however, our foundation remained separate with an independent board of directors. In 2020, our foundation was presented with a new opportunity and expanded our focus beyond our local hospital. You can learn more about this change in our blog.

Stephanie Roland, Kathleen Mackris and Janet Troy

The foundation board members and staff are absolutely committed to honor your wishes as a donor and helping you achieve your philanthropic goals. When you send a contribution to our foundation, you can rest assured your gift will stay in our community and directly benefit our healthcare in our community.

Mission, Vision and Values

Vision Statement

Our vision is to inspire philanthropy to enhance Asante Ashland Community Hospital services

Mission Statement

Our mission is to solicit, steward and grant funds to support Asante Ashland Community Hospital.


We achieve our vision and live our mission by valuing,

*Passion, for Asante Ashland Community Hospital and community health;

*Generosity, with charitable gifts, time and expertise;

*Stewardship, in the management of assets entrusted to our care;

*Strategic Partnership, with Asante Ashland Community Hospital, Asante and community members;

*Advocacy, to raise the profile of Asante Ashland Community Hospital as an honored institution in the community;

*Independence, for Ashland Community Hospital Foundation

If you would like to donate to Ashland Community Hospital Foundation, please donate online, or mail your check to the foundation at 123 Clear Creek Drive, Suite 101, Ashland, Oregon 97520, or call our office at (541) 482-0367. Tax identification number: 93-0691238