Linda Butler

Linda Butler with daughter Alexi and granddaughter Abigale

Linda was born in Long Beach, CA, the youngest of four children and the only girl.  Her childhood was spent outdoors with her brothers playing every game that required a ball or on the beach.  Hers was a close-knit family with the success of any one member celebrated by all.

She attended California State University at Long Beach and graduated with a degree in Sociology, was on the Sailing Team and tutored under-privileged youth thru an organization called Project Tutor.  Upon graduation she enrolled in classes at UCLA where her love of accounting flourished.  Linda worked for a CPA firm in Torrance and  she met her husband Chuck soon after while she was picking up a friend at the dealership Chuck co-owned.  Their first date was a Neil Diamond concert at the Greek Theater which helped Chuck win her over, but it took 3 years and eight proposals before she said yes.

Linda and Chuck loved the outdoors and decided to move North to spend more time skiing, cross-country skiing, boating, hiking and backpacking.  They lived a year in Redding and then moved North again to a little town in Oregon.  At the time, they had never even been to Oregon, but they took a chance.  They have been in Ashland 42 years and two of their children were born here.

Upon arriving in Ashland, they decided to work together to build something for their future and started with Butler Ford, now owning franchises Acura, Kia and Hyundai.  We took a chance on Ashland and each other and we could not be happier with our decision.

Life today is family, work, volunteering and the bliss of grandchildren.  Life is so good.