Add Giving to Your Healthly Lifestyle Checklist

Over the weekend, I caught the very end of a story on the health benefits of giving. That got me thinking about why giving is so good for us. I checked two reliable sources, Health Hub from Cleveland Clinic and Greater Good.

In their article, Why Giving is Good for Your Health, Cleveland Clinic listed six benefits associated with giving, which they defined as volunteering, offering emotional support to others and donating to charity. These benefits include:

• Lower blood pressure
• Increased self-esteem
• Less depression
• Lower stress levels
• Greater happiness

Greater Good, with the tagline “The Science of a Meaningful Life”, offered 5 Ways Giving is Good for You:

1. Giving makes us feel happy.
2. Giving is good for our health.
3. Giving promotes cooperation and social connection.
4. Giving evokes gratitude.
5. Giving is contagious.

Both articles cited research, so check them out if you are interested in more detail.

In the meantime, let’s all add giving to our healthy lifestyle checklists, right alongside proper nutrition and hydration, a good night’s sleep, regular exercise and access to nature. We will reap healthy rewards and the charities we support will benefit from our generosity.