An update on our strategic planning process

Photo by Graham Lewis

At the beginning of the year Ashland Community Hospital Foundation launched a strategic planning initiative, which I shared with readers last month. Today I’m reaching out to give you an update on our progress.

Due to the pandemic we had to shift from a traditional in-person board retreat to a virtual format. Over the past several weeks our board of directors and staff have logged several hours on Zoom. The long Zoom sessions can be a challenge. As such we are having shorter and more frequent meetings. The break gives us time to reflect, which has been beneficial to the overall planning process.

At our most recent session we welcomed three distinctly different guest speakers who shared their expertise with us on a range of topics including:

  • Population Health presented by Dr. Sophie Nathenson, Director, Population Health Management Research Center, Oregon Tech
  • Philanthropy in Community Health presented by Jodi Barnard, VP Philanthropy & President, the Franciscan Foundation
  • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) presented by Carol Cheney, DEI Manager, Meyer Memorial Trust

It was both insightful and inspiring to hear from these leaders, and we look forward to learning more.

As we move closer towards a comprehensive strategic plan to guide our work, we have a few more Zoom sessions on the calendar.

In closing I am grateful to the board and staff for the time and energy they have dedicated to this process. I also offer a special thank you to The Ford Family Foundation for investing in our planning effort, and to all of you for continuing your support as we reimagine our future.

Cindy Bernard