Ashland Middle School Students Say Thanks!

A big thank you goes out to Eric Chaddock, Manager of  Shop ‘n Kart for continuing to support the Healthy Foods-an Alternative to Medication Program.  This program was implemented in 2014 by Belinda Brown, RN as part of the Asante Ashland Community Hospital School Nurse Program.  Students were regularly visiting the school nurse office asking for medication to relieve headaches and stomach aches and Belinda realized that the cause of these symptoms was hunger.  Many students were coming to school hungry and didn’t understand the correlation between their physical symptoms and lack of nutrition.  With support from Shop ‘n Kart and the Ashland Food Co-op, healthy snacks, fruit and drinks are available for students throughout the school day.   This is the third year that Shop ‘n Kart has supported the program with a grant in the amount of $2000.  Thanks to them, hungry students can continue to have healthy snacks, and also learn about creating healthy  eating habits!