Employee Gifts Support Patient Comfort & Care

In hospital emergency departments all across the country patients arrive in pain and seeking comfort. Almost always some kind of test is required to determine the cause and severity of the illness. Once the test is complete the patient waits for the results. Keeping patients comfortable during wait times is a high priority, and thanks to Asante Ashland Community Hospital employees, soon emergency patients will have an extra measure of comfort.

The Caregiver Fund, fueled by employee contributions recently awarded $5,763.85 to purchase and install televisions in five patient rooms in the emergency department.  The televisions will be a welcome distraction for patients anxiously waiting test results, and will also assist in muffling out the surrounding noise generated by an active department.

“It is very helpful for patients to have something to focus on while they are waiting for their test results. Television is an excellent distraction for adults as well as children,” said Kathryn Tramonte, RN, a nurse in the hospital’s emergency department

The Caregiver Fund also awarded $284 to purchase two push carts for the medical surgical unit to be used to streamline patient rounding.

Staff will use the carts to deliver routine patient care items during rounding. The carts will minimize multiple trips to supply closets, etc, and will increase efficiency. This will allow staff to spend more time with patients.

The projects were awarded funds by the Patient Experience & Employee Engagement Committee (PE&EEC) at a recent meeting. To qualify for Caregiver funding employees are asked to submit an application stating how their idea will improve the patient experience. The committee reviews those requests three times per year and makes their determinations. Asante Ashland employees are encouraged to donate to the fund online.