Gifts Benefit Patient Comfort & Safety

Thanks to employee donations to the Caregiver Fund, some of our youngest patients will soon have a more comforting experience. A new Pigg-O-Stat was recently approved by the hospital’s patient experience and employee engagement committee (PEEEC).

All patients in need of an x-ray must remain still so the technician can get the best possible image. As you can imagine, this can be difficult for a toddler. The Pigg-O-Stat safely immobilizes children from infants to about 3 years old, giving the technician the best opportunity to capture a great picture on the first attempt.

In addition to the Pigg-O-Stat, more cameras will be added to patient rooms on the Medical/Surgical Unit, which will help staff closely monitor high fall risk patients. According to AACH Monitor Technician, Jenny St. Clair, the cameras offer invaluable time where staff can see a patient start to get up before the bed alarm is triggered. The added time can help prevent patient falls.

Finally, Respiratory Therapy will be receiving baskets for patient rooms, which will hold call lights when they are not in use. The baskets will help prevent call lights from being wrapped around oxygen and air flow meters, which can cause leaks and breaks, and delay the delivery of oxygen to patients.

The Caregiver Fund is supported through employee contributions. Three times a year PEEEC reviews ideas on ways to enhance patient care. In this recent funding cycle, a total of $13,036 was awarded for employee projects.