Gifts Enhance Patient Safety and Comfort

Studies have shown that patients who are out of bed and mobile earlier can lead to a quicker recovery, and a decreased length of stay.  Our physical therapy and nursing staff know firsthand how



scary it can be for patients who are getting out of bed for the first time and need assistance from staff. There are safety concerns when transferring a patient, not only for the patient, but for the staff as well.

Thanks to a gift from Asante Ashland Community Hospital employees, staff will soon have a new Molift Quick Raiser, also known as a Sit-to-Stand, to offer an extra measure of safety for our most fragile patients.

The Sit-to-Stand was recently selected by the Patient Experience & Employee Engagement Committee (PEEEC) to receive $7,168.50 from the Caregiver Fund. It will assist staff with transferring patients out of bed quickly and safely.

The Caregiver Fund was created by Ashland Community Hospital Foundation, and is supported through employee contributions.

Another project was awarded $380.70 in Caregiver Funds to purchase new reading material for our Comfort Zones.  Magazines are a welcome distraction to both patients and visitors alike and are a simple way to make our guests more comfortable. The funds will be used to subscribe to a variety of publications that will be available in Comfort Zones, and will help occupy inpatients during their stay.

The patient experience team reviews applications three times a year. Asante Ashland employees seeking funding for a hospital project are asked to submit an application. All employees are encouraged to donate to the fund, and can do so online.