Building A Healthy Financial Future

Join Us for a Learning Luncheon

Liz Murphy & Nancy Brewold-Johnson

Liz Murphy & Nancy Brewold-Johnson

When: Noon, Wednesday, May 6

Where: AACH Conference Room
280 Maple Street, Ashland, Oregon

Presented by:
Liz Murphy
CFP® MBA, ACH Foundation President
Nancy Brewold-Johnson CLU, ChFC, CFP®, MSFS
Independent advisors affiliated with Raymond James Financial Services Inc.,

Program Description: As women we know that our nation battles a variety of lifestyle-related health problems including obesity, respiratory illnesses, and heart disease. Common sense tells us we need to take active measures to foster better physical health. And the same is true for our finances. As women we need to be actively involved in caring for our financial health, both present and future. Come learn about how the same approach to building and maintaining good physical health can help us build and maintain good financial health.

Seating is limited. To register, email Kathleen Mackris or call (541) 201-4015.