IRS Warning to Watch Out for Tax-Related Schemes

Here are five of this year’s top scams

We received an update from the Nonprofit Association of Oregon with information from the Internal Revenue Service on some of the top tax-relates scams. “The IRS continues to see a group of ruses by dishonest people who trick others into doing something illegal or which ultimately causes them harm. Predators encourage otherwise honest people to do things they don’t realize are illegal or prey on their good will to take something from them.” High on the IRS’ watch list are scams requesting donations for disaster relief efforts are especially common on the phone. The report offers several tips for taxpayers, including urging them to check the status of a charity using the IRS Tax Exempt Organization Search Tool.

The IRS sites the following top five scams so far this year:

  • Fake charities
  • Immigrant and senior fraud
  • Offer in Compromise
  • Unscrupulous tax return preparers
  • Unemployment insurance fraud

You can read the full article here.