Keeping School Kids Healthy One Bite at a Time

School Nurse, Belinda Brown works with a student

School Nurse, Belinda Brown works with a student


We would like to give a big thank you to Ashland Shop N Kart for supporting Asante Ashland Community Hospital’s school nurse program and for helping to keep our kids well.

The grocery store donated $2,000 to “Healthy Foods — An Alternative to Medication,” a program that provides healthy snacks for children in Ashland and Talent during the school year.

The program was developed by Asante school nurse Belinda Brown, who had noticed that middle school children visiting the nurse’s office would ask for medication to relieve a stomach ache or headache. By having fresh fruit and healthy snacks on hand, school nurses are able to provide nutritious foods to hungry children while also teaching them about the correlation between eating well and feeling well.

Asante Ashland Community Hospital partners with Ashland and Phoenix-Talent school districts to provide school nurses for elementary and middle school students. The nurses work in the schools and offer a range of health-related services including assessment, organizing dental and vision screenings, direct care, and referral services for children with mental or physical health needs. They work directly with families and help them navigate the health care system.

Thanks to Ashland Shop N Kart for supporting the school nurse program and our community! To learn more and support this important community program, please call us at (541) 201-4015.