Geraldine Oeser

Oeser Bequest Honors Caring Hospital Staff

GeraldineOeserGeraldine Oeser packed a lot into her 94 years, including three children, two family businesses and a steadfast devotion to her church. And she guaranteed her legacy would continue to grow after her death in March 2014 through a $10,000 bequest to the Ashland Community Hospital Foundation.

“I think my mom always appreciated the fact the hospital was so close,” says Julia Grimes, Geraldine’s youngest daughter. “All three of us were born there (although not at the current location, of course), and both of my parents had several surgeries performed there over the years. They were always so pleased with the care they received.”

“In fact, when Geraldine went in for her hip replacement, one of the nurses recognized her from when she had sat by her husband’s bedside years before. “She felt the people at the hospital really cared,” says Julia. “When my dad died, my mom made the decision to add this bequest to her will.”

Now Geraldine’s gift will help care for many of her neighbors by supporting the Greatest Needs of AACH.

Some of those Ashland neighbors may remember Geraldine and her husband, Karl, from the Oeser’s Service Station they ran on East Main Street up until 1963. Or they may remember when the primary fabric store in town burned down, and Geraldine took it upon herself to learn the business and open Oeser Fabrics with the help of her husband and her oldest daughter, Jeanette, in 1969.

“My mother never finished high school, but she taught herself everything and she worked hard,” says Julia. “She pumped gas, washed windshields and did the bookkeeping for the service station. She made our clothes and canned food from our garden. She started the fabric store, and she sewed quilts for so many people because it was a joy to her to make them and give them away. She always liked to be productively busy.”

To honor Geraldine’s life of service to others and her love for both church and hospital, the Oeser bequest will be used to help build a chapel at AACH. Look for details in future issues of Inspirations as the project progresses.

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