Joan and Gary Axon

Lights for Life Gifts Reflect the Good in the Community

The Axons Have Given Annually for 30 Years

Every year for three decades, Gary and Joan Axon have contributed to Lights for Life, Ashland Community Hospital Foundation’s annual holiday fundraiser that illuminates trees in Ashland and Talent and enables donors to commemorate special people or events in their lives while benefiting the hospital.

“It’s a good idea to honor people we admire and respect while supporting the hospital and the excellent care it provides,” Gary said.

When the program launched in 1987, the Axons thought it looked like a worthy cause. Over the years, they have given in memory of family members, in honor of respected community members and in gratitude for attentive care at the hospital.

When Dr. Aubrey Hill — who had served as their family physician for 30 years — retired, they marked the milestone with a Lights for Life gift in his honor.

“He called and said it was one of the nicest things anyone did for him.” Gary said.

When both their sons landed in the emergency room on the same evening after mishaps during one particularly rough Ashland High School football game in the late ’80s, that year’s gift was in honor of the emergency department team who provided excellent care for what turned out to be minor injuries.

“It’s not necessarily the size of the gift, but by donating for so many years, we’ve been able to do some small thing for the hospital and the foundation,” Joan said, noting that last year’s gift was to thank the emergency department for treating her after a fall.

“We believe the hospital is essential to the vitality and wellbeing of the Ashland community,” Gary said.

If you agree, join Gary and Joan in making a Lights for Life donation an annual tradition. Your tax-deductible gift will be symbolized with a light on a community tree in Ashland and in Talent, and you can submit a photo or story for a tribute ornament on a tree in the west lobby of Asante Ashland Community Hospital. Those honored will receive a Lights for Life holiday card. Your name and the names of those you choose to honor will be recognized in the Ashland Daily Tidings and Medford Mail Tribune in December, and the Ashland Sneak Preview and Talent News & Review in January, unless you choose to be anonymous.

Be part of a holiday tradition: Your Lights for Life gift helps keep our community hospital vital and able to provide excellent service to patients right here. Donate online or call 541-201-4019.