Ruth T. Evans

Evans Bequest Largest in Foundation History

In April of 2013, Ashland Community Hospital Foundation received a bequest in excess of $2.5 million from the estate of Ruth T. Evans, who died on January 3, 2013. The gift supported the William G. and Ruth T. Evans EndowedAshland_Evans_05_low Nursing Scholarship, the Foundation’s Community Care Endowment for uninsured and under-insured, and Hospice.

Born in 1916, Mrs. Evans was an R.N. who served as a captain in the Army Nurses Corps. After the war, she met and married Dr. William Evans in 1947, raised two daughters and moved to Ashland in 1998. Dr. Evans died in 2002.

Mrs. Evans became known for her philanthropic work after her husband’s death. She set up a music scholarship at Southern Oregon University and established several funds to benefit local projects. But her proudest accomplishment was the nursing scholarship fund with Ashland Community Hospital Foundation. Since its creation in 2002, 344 scholarships and awards have been given in excess of $914,000.

The bequest allows the Foundation to significantly increase the number of students who receive scholarships and the size of the awards. Mrs. Evans’ gift also provides much needed support for the care of uninsured and under-insured, as well as terminally ill people and their families.

The Evans bequest is the largest contribution Ashland Community Hospital Foundation has received since its founding in 1977. It is the perfect example of how the kindness and generosity of one person can touch the lives of so many people.