Robby & Danette Harfst, Supporters Since 2003

Ashland is a remarkable place to live. The small-town feel, warm sense of community, cultural opportunities, and outdoor recreation make it a true gem in the Pacific Northwest. The Ashland Community Hospital Foundation ensures that world-class health care, a surprising achievement for a town of our size, is available when we need it. The Lights for Life campaign was established in 1987 to encourage community members to honor loved ones and celebrate life during the holidays by making a meaningful contribution to the foundation.

Robby and Danette Harfst, of Harfst and Associates of Ashland, are longtime supporters. They have been contributing to Lights for Life since 2003, and in 2014 became Community Partners. “It is essential for a thriving community to have a thriving hospital,” says Robby, “and the foundation makes this possible.” Robby and his wife Danette are particularly proud to support scholarships made available to nursing students through the foundation. “The professionalism of the staff and stewardship and passion behind the mission of the foundation is so impressive,” explains Robby. “We hope our annual gift helps others realize what an impact this level of service has on the health of our community. We are honored to support the Ashland Community Hospital Foundation.”

Annual gifts provide a significant amount of support to our community hospital throughout the year. In 2018, over 280 individuals, businesses, and organizations such as the Harfsts contributed $67,000 to Lights for Life in support of the work of Asante Ashland Community Hospital. Individual gifts range from $25 for a green light to $1,000 for an angel. Community Partner levels are $1,500, $2,500, $5,000, and $10,000 and offers donors additional recognition for their generosity. All gifts are symbolized by lights on two Lights for Life trees, one located near the Ashland Library, and one near Town Hall in Talent. Donors and their honorees are recognized in four local news publications throughout the month of December and in early January. Whether you are commemorating the birth of a child, remembering the loss of a loved one or expressing gratitude to someone special in your life, all gifts to Lights for Life support the work of Asante Ashland Community Hospital. Your donation helps patients right here in your community, and perhaps someone you know.

For more information about recognition opportunities as a Community Partner, please call Stephanie Roland at (541) 201-4019 or email