Seeing is Believing

Lab Receives Staff Break Room

Many thought the day would never come, but on June 24 the “ribbon” was cut and members of the Ashland Community Hospital Foundation Board of Directors, Asante Ashland Leadership, Adroit Construction, Foundation and Lab staff celebrated the completion of the new Lab staff break room. Thanks to the generosity of community member Bob Holbrook, staff no longer have to decompress in a makeshift break room in the lab storage area. The afterhours draw room has been converted into a comfortable space where staff can have lunch and recharge, or just have a quiet moment when things get stressful. It marks Bob’s fourth staff break room renovation. Past renovations include the Family Birth Center, Emergency Department, and Medical Surgical Unit.

Bob has a soft spot in his heart for the staff at Asante Ashland. He knows firsthand how hard caregivers work to provide compassionate and professional care to their patients. His positive experience at Asante Ashland a few years ago inspired him to make a Circle of Caring donation which then led him to partner with the Foundation on several projects that benefit not only our hospital and our community, but also our staff.

As Bob once said and it bears repeating: “I will never forget the quality of care that I received during my various contacts with ACH as a patient, and especially the feeling of being welcomed by a staff whose primary concern was my health and wellbeing. My current support of ACH reflects the gratitude I feel for the memory of these past experiences. So, while I am happy to have you thank me, the thanks are really due to those who cared for me when I needed their help.”