The UV-C Lights have arrived!

Thank You! from Ashland Community Hospital Foundation

Ashland Community Hospital Foundation in partnership with Lee Shapley, MD VP Medical Affairs and Administrator, AACH and Patty Mobley, Supervisor AACH Environmental Services proudly present the latest in ultraviolet technology to arrive at Asante Ashland Community Hospital – the Optimum Enlight System device.

For the last several decades, Ashland Community Hospital Foundation has been partnering with our community through our Patrons Campaign to raise funds to purchase essential equipment for Asante Ashland such as a DEXA scanner and Telehealth “robot”, or to launch new initiatives like the Resiliency Program.

When the decision was made last fall to invest in ultraviolet technology through the Patrons Campaign, we had no idea how important this equipment would be for Asante Ashland. We are thrilled to learn that the lights have arrived and are being used right now to sterilize patient rooms.

We are very fortunate to have many loyal donors who value having a first rate hospital right here in our community. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our donors for their support this year to fund the purchase of two UV-C lights.

Thank you for your investment in this innovative technology that will provide AACH patients the safest environment in which to heal.