Employee Campaign

Most non-profit hospitals across the country include employee campaigns in their mix of fundraising activities. Our employees and volunteers are the people who are in the best position to understand the benefits we offer our community as well as our needs as an organization.

In order to successfully raise funds from the community, we need to demonstrate the commitment of our family: employees, volunteers, physicians and the members of the Hospital and Foundation Boards.

This year the Employee Campaign Committee is raising money through the I CARE Campaign to support the Caregiver Fund. The Caregiver Fund supports employee-driven ideas for:

  • Programs, initiatives, equipment and processes that increase patient safety, improve quality, reduce waste, and enhance the patient experience.
  • Tools and equipment that improve caregivers’ work environment and enhance their ability to do their job.

    "I give because I Care about personal and patient safety." Dr. Candelaria

    “I give because I Care about personal and patient safety.” Dr. Candelaria

  • Educational opportunities for employees to broaden knowledge and skills, allowing for improve care and customer service of patients and families.

How it Works

The Caregiver Fund is supported solely through donations, and is administered by the Patient Experience & Employee Engagement Committee (PE&EEC). Requests of up to $10,000 are considered.

Any AACH employee can submit a request to their manager for approval. The request form and guidelines are available on myAsanteNet. The manager then submits the request to the Ashland Community Hospital Foundation. The Foundation will facilitate review of the application from the Leadership Team and PE&EEC.

There are many ways to give including payroll deduction, cash, check, and credit card. All donations are tax-deductible. Donations of all sizes are appreciated.

Every Gift Matters

  • Everyone who donates will have their name included on a special recognition plaque, unless asked to be anonymous


    “I give because I Care about serving the needs of the Ashland and Talent community and ensuring our friends, family and neighbors have access to high quality health care services right here in their neighborhood!” Sheila Clough, CEO

  • All donors will receive an I CARE badge charm to wear proudly (be seen wearing yours and you could be rewarded with a prize!)
  • All donors will be invited to attend a celebration party with their fellow coworkers
  • All employees and volunteers who return a pledge form will be entered into our drawings for prize giveaways
  • Donors participating in the Hour Club, making a 3-year-pledge, ongoing credit card gift, or an annual gift of $500 or more will be invited to attend one of our CEO Thank You Events
  • Donors who give an annual gift of $1,000 or more will be invited to the Foundation’s Annual Founders Dinner

Pledge by February 28 to receive a $3 gift card to the Maple Street Café or Hilltop Coffee at Asante Ashland

How to Give