Giving Opportunities

There are many ways that you can get involved and transform the work of Asante Ashland Community Hospital. Here is a sampling of initiatives underway at our community hospital. Please contact us at (541) 482-0367 if you would like to learn more about our current initiatives and recognition opportunities.

Emergency Care

For those who call Ashland and Talent home, the Emergency Department at Asante Ashland is a valued service in our community, as well as for those visitors to our region. With shorter wait times, and high patient satisfaction, our community counts on our hospital to care for their unexpected medical needs.

Healthcare Innovation

Innovations in healthcare have been happening for centuries. The practice of medicine has changed dramatically since the discovery of penicillin and development of cancer treatment. Think of how our lives have changed with all the advances that have been made in the medical field.

The Innovation Fund will position your community hospital to adopt new technologies and approaches to care when opportunity strikes.

You can help shape the future of healthcare in your community by investing in the Innovation Fund.  Read more…

Holistic Patient Care

Asante Ashland recognizes the importance of providing care to the whole person: body, mind and spirit. That is why we offer complementary therapies, spiritual support and other “special touches” to make your stay more comfortable, relaxing and healing. These services are offered at no charge to patients, and often to their family members and visitors as well and include:

  • Aromatherapy to calm, comfort or boost energy
  • Care Channel to provide soothing sounds and nature scenes to distract and relax our guests
  • Comfort Zones equipped with televisions, Internet access, comfortable furniture, and snacks and beverages
  • Doulas to offer physical, informational, and emotional support to guide new mothers through the laboring process
  • Massage Therapy to give comfort to patients and family members
  • Music Therapy in hospital lobby’s to help sooth nerves and lower blood pressure
  • Pet Therapy to visit patients in their rooms and help reduce stress
  • Reiki to promote healing, lower anxiety, and reduce pain and nausea
  • Spiritual Care to offer spiritual and emotional support to patients and family members

Innovative Ultraviolet Technology

The health and safety of our patients is our top priority at Asante Ashland. Investing in the latest in innovative technology will give our patients the safest possible environment in which to heal. Read more…

Nursing Scholarships

Nurses are essential to every hospital and medical practice. As our population ages, we will continue to rely on nurses more and more. A nursing degree is expensive and often students graduate thousands of dollars in debt.

The foundation has been supporting nursing students through the William G. & Ruth T. Evans Endowed Nursing Scholarship since 2002. At this time we are only able to assist one third of applicants each year. With your help we hope to expand our scholarship program.

Resiliency Program

A visit to the hospital can be stressful. To help reduce anxiety and create a more healing experience for our patients, Asante Ashland Community Hospital is establishing the new Resiliency Program. Your support can help staff and physicians receive specialized training which will provide a deeper understanding of the value of “trauma-informed care.”  Read more…

School Nurse Program

Asante Ashland partners with Ashland and Phoenix-Talent School Districts to provide school nurses for elementary and middle school students. The nurses work in the schools and offer a spectrum of health related services including assessment, dental and vision screenings, direct care, and referral services for children with mental or physical health needs. They work directly with families and help them navigate the health care system. Read more…

Surgical Services

One of the advantages of Asante Ashland is the ability for our community to have surgery close to home. Our hospital offers general surgical services along with specialized services such as orthopedic, retinal, spine, urology, GYN, and breast reconstruction surgeries to betters serve our patients. Asante Ashland continually looks for ways to enhance surgical services available to you and your family.

If you would like to make an inspirational gift to support one of our current giving opportunities, or learn more about how you can partner with the Foundation to improve the health of your community, please call us at (541) 482-0367.