Innovation Fund

Invest in Innovation

Dr. Jonathan Hartwell and assistant Sylvy R. Levy Kornberg conducting chemotherapy tests, circa 1950

Imagine a new technology that could detect cancer even earlier. Imagine living in the healthiest city in Oregon.

Innovations in healthcare have been happening for centuries. The practice of medicine has changed dramatically since the discovery of penicillin and development of cancer treatment. Think of how our lives have changed with all the advances that have been made in the medical field.

The Innovation Fund will position your community hospital to adopt new technologies and approaches to care when opportunity strikes.

Healthcare is a vibrant and ever-changing industry. I believe groundbreaking change is on the horizon and it will occur even more quickly than it has in the past. That is why the Innovation Fund at Asante Ashland is so important to our future.”

You can help shape the future of healthcare in your community by investing in the Innovation Fund. You can make a tax-deductible contribution online, send a check to PO Box 98, Ashland, OR 97520, or call the Foundation Office at (541) 201-4019.