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Resiliency Project

MANY OF US ARE NERVOUS when we have to come to the hospital. But for as many as two-thirds of our neighbors and friends, the apprehension is even deeper. A hospital visit may bring back memories of a traumatic experience early in their lives.

To help reduce anxiety and create a more healing experience for our patients, Asante Ashland Community Hospital is establishing the new Resiliency Program. Your support can help staff and physicians receive specialized training which will provide a deeper understanding of the value of “trauma-informed care.”

Additionally, the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) will be updated with soothing paint colors, softer lighting and quieter floor coverings to create a comforting atmosphere. A private, calming “safe room” will be created for patients who are experiencing higher levels of emotional or psychological stress.

“The value of the Resiliency Program begins with our nurses and doctors learning a more effective path to engage with our patients to reduce their anxiety and fear, and ultimately improving their health and wellbeing.”
–Susan Montgomery, VP
Patient Care Services