Patrons Campaign

Bringing innovative ultraviolet technology to Asante Ashland Community Hospital

At Asante Ashland the health and safety of our patients is our top priority. That is why, with your help, Asante Ashland will be able to invest in the latest in ultraviolet technology to give our patients the safest environment in which to heal.

Your gift can bring innovative technology to your community hospital by supporting the purchase of two Optimum Enlight System devices.

This technology will complement our traditional cleaning methods and provide an extra layer of protection in patient environments. In conjunction with standard cleaning methods, the Optimum -UV Enlight System can eliminate 31 pathogens including MRSA, C-difficile and coronaviruses.

With your support, Asante Ashland will join the growing number of hospitals across the United States to use ultraviolet technology to help protect our patients.

“Incorporating ultraviolet technology into our cleaning and disinfecting protocols will provide our patients and employees peace of mind knowing the system helps protect our healing environment.”
Patty Mobley
Supervisor, AACH Environmental Services

Thank you! the UV-C Lights have arrived